I kind of get the feeling that we have become too evidence oriented in this day and age. Don't get me wrong, I entirely support the scientific method and appreciate what it has done for humanity. I am all about testing things and finding evidence as support.

The Problem with Evidence

The only problem is that everywhere you look people won't believe you unless you have "evidence". I mean, how do you even define evidence? What does evidence even mean? Scientists normally define evidence as something that can be tested over and over again by a third party. This is fine and dandy and all, but it's already setting itself up for failure.

By the very definition of evidence it claims that something is not real unless somebody else can verify it. Well what if the reality is un-verifiable by another party? What if a personal reality was the truth?

Science is limited

I also think evidence is something that keeps people held back. There is only so much evidence that we have access to with our current technology and scientific means. That means that the only thing we can really define and being "real" is that which our own technology can handle. Anything that can't be defined by man-made technology (which is a direct representation of our current understanding and nothing higher) is not real until technology catches up with it to either prove it real or false.

So basically anybody who believed the earth was round a few centuries ago was totally out of their mind because science hadn't yet caught up to logic. Until science catches up those that are already speaking the truth are out of their minds because it can't be verified by the scientific community.

What happens if somebody is 10x ahead of the scientific community? Does he have to wait for everyone else to finally catch up? Should he limit his creativity and genius because there is no "evidence" by peers of lesser intellect that he?


Stop limiting yourselves by using science as the only means for reaching the truth or providing answers. There are many ways to skin a cat and science is just one of them. I think people get too caught up in science, when all it is is just another language like English or Math.

Science also proves that it's not possible for bees to fly, but it appears as though they have no problem doing so. Sure science changes and is constantly re-writing itself to be more and more accurate but that doesn't deny that it is what it is: merely a tool that is far from perfect and not the end all authority. To put science as your authority is to put man as your authority.

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