I'm an advocate for evolution, it makes sense and I can certainly make logical connections with it. What I don't like is that evolution only explains how we got here, not why. Many evolutionists will say, why is a rather human question and unimportant. Fair point, but well, I'm a human and how is asking why any less important than asking how? People ask why all the time in daily life to help with growth - scientists/evolutionists probably do it more than anyone.

Why do we evolve? The problem with this question is that it leads to more questions. We evolve because that is what our cells do. And they do that because of atoms. And atoms do what they do because of physics. And physics follows set laws that have existed for the entirety of the universe. Although this answers the evolution question, it creates an even larger question of why is there a universe and why does it have physical laws that exist a certain way?

Evolutionists then brush this off again with why being a human question and not important. Once again, if why was unimportant we would be here today with a lot less scientific advancements and knowledge. Why is a question that brings you towards growth and knowledge. Just because it's a hard one to answer doesn't bring down the validity of asking why - in fact I would say it makes it all the more important.

I'm not really attacking one side or the other, these are just some observations I have made.

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