In God We Trust

The first film I watched was ‘In God We Trust.’ This short didn’t really have any crazy camera movements or anything that was kind of out there. The cinematography created a nice easy to follow short. The whole time the camera was pretty much eye level with the main character. At 3:42 the camera has a close up on the guys (Gill’s) lips to show kind of like that he’s going on and on about all the stuff. This makes it so he’s grinding these negative things into the main guy. While the snow is coming down at 5:14 the camera is looking up at Robert so you are able to see the snow I guess… because usually something like this can simulate power, but he’s not really showing power right here. If anything the camera should be looking down on him in my opinion. When Robert runs into the burglar at 7:32 the camera cuts on the action. This gives the audience a better view of what is going on and let’s the audience catch all the action. During the scene with the bird at 8:00 Robert is placed far away from the bird to show that they don’t really have a connection and how far apart they are. It represents the lack of cooperation between the two. At 10:12 the shot where the ice cream falls on the car is cool because it starts out with the car in focus, and then changes to focusing the street racers, or whatever you want to call them. At 11:53 when Robert runs by the radio the camera is placed lower to emphasize the radio when he runs by it. At 14:43 there is a close up on the ‘DENIED’ stamp to show that Gill is ready to deny him. Overall, I liked this short.

Strangers in the Night

I also watched, ‘Strangers in the Night.’ I think one of the things done well in this film was audio. I mean, it was kind of cheesy to a certain affect, but the general emotions invoked by them fit adequately with the content of the film. I guess that’s another topic though… The camera work in this film was much more dramatic and had more energy to fit with the zombie feel of the short. At the very beginning (:24) the camera dollies up to the main guy really quickly. This sets up the dynamic mood of the film right off the bat. When the zombies come to attack people the camera does quick, shaky movements following them to indicate their uncertainty and to make them more frightening. There are also lots of quick close ups that make the viewer think as quickly as the characters in the film. At 3:38 there is a camera placed at the end of a long hallway showing that escaping these zombies is going to be hard. He will need to go a long way. Again, when we get a point of view of the zombies the camera is very shaky keeping the energy of the short up. When the locker is opened at 4:18 we are first shown the main guy’s face to build anticipation for what is actually inside there. This makes the audience more eager to see what he is so disappointed about. I think one of the best shots is at 4:35 when it shows the woman from far away so she looks and acts like a zombie. This blocks the main guy off and makes her appearing there believable, because she is there. But yeah, that’s pretty much it – another well done short in my opinion.

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