Right Wing Extremists
Careful, don't want to be too extreme like the Founding Fathers.


Just because something is extreme doesn't make it wrong. What if in 1000 AD, when pretty much everyone believed that the earth was flat, you said it was round? You were an extremist. But your extreme view was the correct view. All extreme means is far from the normal view. And if the normal view is bullshit then the extreme view probably isn't. 200 years ago in America it was extreme to be stupid. These days in America it is extreme to be smart. It is all relative.


The same goes for radical. Not going along with a group of murderers to go kill people is radical. Sometimes doing the right thing is radical. These days it's radical to not want to steal from rich people to give to poor people. It's radical to want to help poor people by educating them and making them independent. The normal view these days is to make them slaves that are dependent to the state. That is the normal view. Who's really being radical here?


How about being biased? All the time we hear people saying how others have a left or right bias. So? Everybody has a bias on anything. To not have a bias is to not take a stand on something. And if you don't stand for something, you will fall for everything. Being biased isn't a crime -- yet. People who make smart investments and pick good stocks have a bias towards good businesses and making money. What's wrong with this bias? What about people who have a bias for helping others? Sounds like a good bias to me. Just because somebody has a bias doesn't make them right or wrong. Being right or wrong does. So saying that somebody has a bias is about as retarded as calling them extreme or radical, it is completely nonsensical.


Sometimes the truth is extreme. What's that quote again? Oh yeah:

In a world of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.
George Orwell

It is dangerous to be right when your country is wrong.

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