Most people think that there is only 1 economy and that it is cyclical. They think that it is natural and normal for the market to go in cycles and that inflation is a result of a cyclical economy. The fact of the matter is this is a complete misunderstanding. The economy most people associate with is what I call the fake economy.

The Fake Economy

The fake economy is an economy built entirely on credit and fake money. There is nothing real with this economy, yet this is the economy most people follow. This is the economy you hear about on the news, the economy that reacts to credit rather than on value and hard work. The fake economy thrives on spending, debt, impulse and manipulation. This is an economy where a relatively small group are able to completely enslave and control the many.

The Real Economy

The real economy is the economy that is built on hard work and real value. This is the kind of economy that doesn't have cycles and doesn't react to manipulation. This economy doesn't ask to be bailed out because it doesn't need to be bailed out. This economy honestly accepts failure and tries to learn from it rather than covering it up. This economy rewards creativity and creates abundance. This economy gives piece of mind and is in alignment with the universe. This economy, unfortunate as it may be, has never existed and most likely will never exist on this planet.


As sad as it is to say, we have been part of a fake economy for many, many aeons. America is a fake economy, European nations are fake, Rome was fake, they're all fake. The closest we've ever been to a real economy was early colonial America, but that was quickly given away by the people and now we are back to square 1. Yay!

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Omid Mankoo: Hi I am currently pondering about economics

Yes, currently everything in my life is good.
My finances are very poor.
I see people working very hard for meager pay
I am aware of economic enslavement whether intentional or unitentional, which comes from neglect, i.e. personal aspirations, personal greed, which is for me versus for all attitude.

I am glad to see that you are working for the betterment of all, including yourself.

I too am for the education and freeing the masses, for their economic betterment.

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