I love the fact that the music industry is falling down because of the Internet. This isn't anything new, it's been going on since Napster, but it is getting harder and harder to stop the exchange of free music and videos. The traditional train of thinking may see this as a terrible thing and something that needs to be stopped, but why? Information should be made more accessible and easier to get. If people are super into this shouldn't there be something done to figure out how to make it work rather than trying to stop it?

Good Riddance!

It seems pretty obvious that there is less money going into the record labels and musicians, but the way I see it this isn't necessarily a bad thing, at least for the quality people. The people who are loosing the most money are the greedy record labels and artists who are concerned with capitalizing as much as they can off the music, rather than providing high quality music. Any quality music group who is passionate about music will put the music before the money. It's like this with anybody who is passionate and talented with something.

I love it, the Internet is leveling the playing field for the music industry (as well as a ton of other things) and why shouldn't it? The Internet is more inline with truth than the previous method so isn't it about time to say maybe the previous way wasn't the way to go? Frick, in another 5 - 10 years even the current Internet wave will be outdated and there will be an even "scarier" method for really sharing information - prepare to lose corporate America :)!

A New Paradigm

This new paradigm and level of thinking is called the Internet and it's not going away - it's only going to become more and more prominent. A lot of software companies recognize this and don't even care about people ripping their software anymore. The automation and audience of the Internet creates a huge PLUS which is able to offset the perceived NEGATIVE of piracy. Everything is scientific in this world. For everything positive there is a negative and negative a positive.

I mean seriously. Do you really think capitalism is where we are going to be 2,000 years in the future? Are we going to be scraping everything we can to try to make as much as possible or are we going to freely share knowledge and automate everything? The Internet is finally pushing for this move and I am sitting back and loving it. There really is a new world emerging and it's awesome.

People Do See The Light!

The band Radiohead gets it. They are one of the first mainstream bands to offer their latest album for whatever price the buyer chooses (http://www.inrainbows.com). You can pay nothing or you can pay $1,000. It doesn't matter. They are bigger than the money and get it. I suspect many other bands will follow suit in the near future. This Internet is not going away people.


Therefore, why complain and think like your ancestors when a newer and better level of thinking is here? Adapt to the information age and humanity move forward once again.

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ben: Agreed

I agree that musicians should put the music before money, but I found that that in life if you have a passion, you can make money from it. You might not achieve the same level of monetary success of past rock stars with tens of millions of dollars in their accounts, but you should be able to live more than comfortably off of your music without getting a second job.

Passion = Money


Quinton Figueroa: Yeah agreed. Money will come

Yeah agreed. Money will come from your passion, or at least some type of way to support yourself and live. If the music industry is not set to make as much money for people as it once was perhaps it's time to move on to an industry that is (Hint: Internet) or just handle it. It is what it is. The world's not going to adjust for a failing model that no longer makes sense.

Albert Huebner: The music industry functions

The music industry functions just the same as any other business. You can become successful at any age as long as you have a strong work ethic, dedication and a lot of value to offer.

I appreciate your explanation and the post. Thanks for sharing, love this.

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