Google video is a Godsend to those of use who love watching education shows on certain topics. I used to love watching some type of show about science related topics on the Discovery channel but the main problem was these shows were only on about once a week at specific, set times. What was I to do the other days and times when I wanted to learn?

Enter Google Video

With Google video it is now possible to watch virtually any show on any topic at anytime of the day with no commercials. How are they legally able to get away with this? I have not a clue, but as long as they have free hyper-learning I am going to be exploiting it all day long. Yes, that's right, exploiting. This really is something that has never existed until like the last year and there is just so much info out there it's insane. Never in our history have you been able to learn so much so quickly. It's just brilliant.

How I use it

I usually start with a topic I feel like learning about, today it was time travel. I type in genre:educational time travel. This gives me a list of videos on time travel that are marked as educational. I then go over to duration and set the time to over 20 minutes. This way I know that I am probably getting a quality video with lots of research put into it. I still don't get how this is free but whatever, I'll take it!


Grab a snack, a cold one and watch some Google video!

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