Foundations are paramount in regards to solid growth. Would you ever try to build a skyscraper without first preparing the foundation and making sure you were on solid ground? Why then would you want to build your own life without first preparing the foundation?

The taller the building the greater the foundation. The greater the business, the greater the foundation. The greater the leader, the greater the foundation. Foundations are essential to building anything of long term value and relevancy.

I find it sad to find that many people these days don't have a foundation to build off - a set of skills to nurture. Most people just run around like chickens with their heads cut off going from job to job and profession to profession. You will notice these are the people that never really increase their quality of life or create more time for themselves because they are always so busy trying to catch up. They don't have a foundation that they are building off. Every time the economy takes a turn or they loose their job they have to go find new land and start the whole foundation process over again so to speak.

I find it much more valuable and relevant to be a person that has at least one and possibly more foundations in which you are consistently building from. These foundations should be things that are unique to you, things that you are good at, things that you enjoy and things that nobody else can do like you.

The people and businesses who lack a solid foundation probably do so because of negative attributes that took away from this ever being built: ego, greed, lack of patience, poor work ethic and many other negative traits. Therefore, work on building one foundation at a time and start with the most important one. For most people I would say the most important foundation is going to be the mind - the foundation that hones in qualities such as discipline, patience, love, passion and so on.

So start building today, one step at a time. Work on the core foundations that lead to greater foundations. You can't build a skyscraper if you don't first have a foundation. And you can't build a foundation if you don't first have the qualities of a lesser foundation.

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