I had an interesting thought the other day while cooking. I think a quick table will illustrate this point best.

The effects of freedom and security on different levels of people

Type of people Freedom Security
High Quality People Good Bad
Low Quality People Bad Good

In other words: Freedom is good for high quality people but bad for low quality people. Conversely, security is good for low quality people but bad for high quality people. So what can we make of this?

Well, this shows why certain groups of people are totally willing to give their freedom away in favor of security. It also shows why other groups are willing to fight to keep their freedom. High quality people always defend freedom and choice. They always defend a freedom because THEY ARE ABLE TO TAKE CARE OF THEMSELVES. They don't need help with their life. They are high quality people. They work hard and do the right thing to the best of their ability. This type of thinking was completely obvious to America's founding fathers.

On the other side we have the group of individuals that hate freedom. They like the way it sounds, but they hate playing by its rules. They would much rather live the low quality life of mediocrity and stagnation. They would much rather maintain their current level or even move lower. They don't like laws or discipline. We're talking low quality people now - people that for whatever reasons are not up to the caliber of our founding fathers. These people can't get enough of big government and security because THEY ARE NOT ABLE TO TAKE CARE OF THEMSELVES. These people have either forgotten what freedom is all about, or never learned it in the first place. Whatever the case, by their actions these people have absolutely no desire to be a free people. None.

It is impossible to be free and low quality. In Thomas Jefferson's words:

If a nation expects to be ignorant and free in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be.

Rich Dad AKA Robert Kiyosaki also talks about this all the time. He says the most secure place is a prison. Really stop and think about that. The most secure place is a prison. It is absolutely secure, but it is also the least free. Do you want to live in a prison? Do you want a secure life that hinders freedom? Is that really what we are on this earth to experience?

There's not much more to say about it. Are you low quality or high quality? And are you willing to become high quality to support freedom?

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