The subject of God is a fun one for me. I wanted to bring forth the perspective that God is only as big as your imagination.

Take a lot of religions for instance. For a lot of religions they depict God as a physical entity that has powers over them. For a lot of religious people the idea of a personal, physical God is something that is tangible and easily synthesized by their consciousness. Because of this you see figures and art that depict a physical, recognizable God. It is a direct representation of their imagination.

For the more scientific, rational crowd (that are non-atheists) their idea of God is a much more abstract and universal standpoint. The idea of God being a person seems much too limiting for God. This is simply because they are able to imagine God at a much different level. Their paradigm is such that a physical God would break down far too many realities and views that they have experienced and built up throughout their lifetime.

Then we can travel back to more ancient times and we have Greek Gods that seem to be actually intervening with people in the physical. What's all this about? Why is it that their Gods are hanging out with them and doing cool stuff while the Gods of this day and age aren't hanging out with us?

I obviously have my own opinions on this but my point is more so that people's consciousness and level of understanding is what really defines their God. I think the more you grow the closer you come to your understanding of what God truly is or is not. As you grow in consciousness and dimension you become more capable of grasping the more deeper concepts of God and are able to put more pieces together to built a much more vibrant description of God.

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Tabi Heedley: imagination-made up story, believing His word is faith and love

throughout life, the bible is proven to us, but we don't need proof to have Jesus in our lives. He proves Himself everyday. His spirit is really real. There's people healed, prayers are remarkable with faith, love and truth basically also. Prayers don't always give us the answer exactly how we like because God knows the best answer in every case for whatever reason. It boils down to believing in what's totally 100% true to us. I know I'm on earth, have a family and so on. Why can't a person know what's proven over and over in their heart and soul? Now that's the main part of a human. The inner spirit. It's very true that we can't see God with our eyes, but we can feel Him. Some may only know Him by imagination, but some grown to know Him thoroughly. I don't mean 100% know Him, because I don't see how that's possible ever.

Landon: Basically, ya.. I agree with this post

Like any concept that exists.. the concept that people hold as "god" is transformative towards social evolution (and pretty much is just a basic platform for people to try and understand the cosmos) but at the same time even those who at the surface level have aligned beliefs on this matter the concept still means something different to every person.

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