Good parenting is a process that is of the utmost importance when talking about the future of humanity. And parenting isn't something that stops just at the family level. Many of the lessons taught by good parents are the same lessons taught by a good many other things, namely schools and countries. Likewise, the lessons, or lack thereof, of lessons learned from bad parents are also carried over to many things.

What I'm trying to prepare you for is how incredibly bad our country is doing at parenting right now. Does a good parent give their child everything he wants at their every whim, or does a good parent teach discipline and self-control? Does a good parent only give their child 50% of the truth to trick them into failure, or do they give their child 100% of everything they know to be true? Does a good parent teach their children to avoid challenges, or do they show them how overcome their challenges? Does a good parent allow children to be greedy, or do they teach them to share? Does a good parent allow their children to hurt one another, or do they teach them to love one another?

We are talking very basic, basic principles here and humanity has now turned a complete 180 from all of these. We are the complete opposite and have entered into the realm of bad parenting. We are no longer leading our people, but rather misleading them. We are no longer helping each other but hurting each other. We no longer have any morale or conscience. We are simply selfish, stupid, greedy, materialistic, degenerate pigs and there is nobody to blame but ourselves. But there comes a time when we are going to have to pay the price for our absolute failure at parenting, and we deserve it.

(Hint: If your reaction to this post is that you don't think us paying the price is what's fair then you most likely are part of the bad parent group)

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