It seems to me like it would be a pretty good idea if one of the most popular sites like Google or Yahoo was to tell all users who are running IE6 and below, or even any version of IE to upgrade to Firefox or Chrome.

This is obviously a really extreme move and could create some problems, but I also think there are lots of benefits. One of the main benefits is that both of these companies compete directly with Microsoft and everyone knows one of Microsoft's aces in the hole is IE. They are able to use IE to bring users to and keep them in the Microsoft loop. If Google or Yahoo was able to rid most of the net of this browser then Microsoft would loose a lot of market share and the Internet would be better without the IE plague.

If one of these larger sites were to make the move I can guarantee lots and lots of smaller sites would join in and also force IE users to stop being lame and try something smart.

Just do it Google.

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