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The entire world has this false notion that governments "create" jobs. Governments don't create jobs. Governments pretty much don't create anything. All governments create is debt and sorrow.

But seriously, government doesn't create jobs. It can't. The private sector creates jobs. Entrepreneurs create jobs. Problems that need solving create jobs. Creative minds create jobs. But the government does not create jobs. If anything the government hinders jobs. In general, the less government intervention the more jobs we are going to see. If anything the government destroys jobs.

So when all these people want the government to "create" jobs there are only going to be less and less jobs. It is not possible for the government to better know how to create a job than the private sector that is working entirely off real world supply and demand. The private sector uses the market to determine where jobs are needed and then allocates them accordingly. The government, on the other hand, uses taxpayer money to try to force jobs in areas that aren't needed. The government doesn't create jobs, it destroys them. And until people figure this out we are going to have less and less of them.

So much for a middle class in America.

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Concerned: Creating jobs

The only jobs the government can create are government jobs, which are paid for by taxes. The rest of the jobs they claim to create are merely part-time jobs from stimulus spending. What the government must do to help the economy recover is nothing at all, unless of course they are willing to cut back on regulations that hamper growth in the private sector. Government intervention is precisely what has prolonged the recession and worsened the economy. If the government would stop intervening all together we could get on our way to recovery. There would be some tough times no doubt, but not near as tough as it will be if the government continues to prolong the problem by stimulating. Furthermore, aside from prolonging the problem, the stimulus spending is hurting the dollar through inflation and preventing real savings as a result of near zero and zero interest rates. In such an economic climate there is no means of saving short of investing in precious metals, and possibly some speculating in the stock market.

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