Since people don't like reading or studying history they'll probably never figure it out, but for those of us that do read and learn it should be stated that the government has never been, isn't now, and probably never will be your friend. All throughout history governments have always usurped power and stripped people of their freedoms. There is a reason why the American Constitution was constructed with a number of limitations of the government. The framers knew that governments always get infiltrated and hijacked by indecent people and that these governments eventually bring the people to their knees.

For some reason people think that the purpose of the government is to be the middle man between passing out social benefits to people. If people care so much about other people why don't THEY do something about it? Why don't THEY go start a health care program, why don't they go feed starving people, why don't they go do something for humanity for once, rather than promote the most perverted corporation of all time - the government? It's obvious why they don't and it's sickening.

I just hope the US Dollar crashes soon because the people have had it coming to them for a long, long time and they deserve everything they're going to be getting here shortly. You can't go on living in ignorance, greed, materialism and vice and think that it's not going to catch up with you. Sooner or later what goes around comes around.

Hint: The NAZIs were not Germany's friends, even though the thought they were. The NAZIs came in and took over, just as they are doing today. The government is not your friend, they don't care about you at all. The government exists for collecting your tax dollars and feeding them to offshore banks. The government exists for funding an army that will tell you what you can and can't do. The government exists for the purpose of taking away your liberty and your freedoms. The government is not your friend and it never has been.

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