After reading through some of my older posts and comments I felt it would be necessary to clarify a few things about reading my site, and any site for that matter.

Nothing is 100% correct on anything. It's all just opinions based off experience. Make what you will of it.

Sometimes a post may be written just to get 1 good point across while also serving 2 bad points because it is the only way to get the good point across. What I mean by this is that a post does not need to have every point as a good one to have value. Sometimes the bad points may be a result of the good points.

Older topics will probably be less relevant to my current beliefs and values. I know in the past 2 years I have refined my way of thinking a lot (as does everyone) so stuff I said in the past may not entirely reflect what I think now. Take it for what it is. We are always learning and growing.

That's it for now.

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Tabi Heedley: just thought of that moments ago to. Noone is 100% correct

I really do like what you're doing on here. I don't agree with everything, but that's a good thing to disagree sometimes. None of us should believe in a human 100%. No one know's everything. I view the points you're making on some topics and I agree with some things and against some things too. Well, I respect the points you make. Thank you.

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