Everywhere I go I see spoiled Americans avoiding good old fashioned hard work. It is becoming harder and harder to find people that understand working hard. People just don't think like that anymore. We are so used to being spoiled and living in a rich nation that we forget what it was built on. We forget about honestly looking at what needs to be done and DOING it.

Paying people to do your work when you have the time

It doesn't matter how rich you are or who you are, everyone should be open to putting in some work themselves when necessary. Simply paying somebody to do a job because it's too hot outside or the conditions aren't favorable is lazy. Think about it. The person you are paying to do the task doesn't complain about it. They take on the task with honesty knowing that it's going to suck and just bite the bullet. Is there really any difference between them and yourself besides simply money? They are people too and the fact that someone is poorer than you doesn't mean it's any more fun for them.

The whole idea of paying somebody to do a task because of laziness is just sloppy. I can totally understand paying somebody to do something because of time, however, most people do not pay because of time, they pay because they are lazy.

Take moving for instance. Say somebody just sold their home and they need to move. Most people will actually pay somebody else to move their things and while these people are moving their furniture they will be out playing a game of golf or sitting back and relaxing at the pool. This whole mentality just doesn't add up.

Being the boss with no value

I surprisingly see this all too often as well. Most bosses and people high up in the corporate ladder have very little actual value to offer. Not only is their work ethic bad, but their integrity is poor as well. People high up tend to loose their value and with time lose themselves.

Need some proof Americans are lazy?

I used to work at a pretty large office with probably around 500 people who worked there as well. The day started for most people around 9ish and went until around 5. Those are decent hours except when you consider all the people who show up late and leave early. And it's funny how it's a timed thing, like you can only be productive between those hours and as soon as it goes 5 minutes over it's time to go home and become distracted. Day after day I would sit there, and when 7 or 8 PM rolled around there would only be about 3 or 4 people out of the 500 left in the building working away: Myself and a few janitors - go figure!

Perhaps I am being a bit naive by saying American's don't know about hard work as there may possibly be many other nations that also do not know about hard work. It's probably just a people thing. People love distractions, and yet it's those distractions that bring such little value.

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Anonymous: I absolutely agree with this

I absolutely agree with this article. Not only are Americans becoming more lazy, but they have a sense of entitlement which overtakes their sense of having to work for a living. I am a marketing director for a medium sized company, and I have about 15 employees who work below me. I have had to fire and rehire for 8 positions because of the inability to work. People think they can glide through life because they are "intelligent." As a damn good employer, I don't give a crap about your intelligence except when it is useful. Many of the workers which worked for the marketing department were lazy. They would sit on their asses everyday and then contribute a good idea, versus going out and doing ALL of the tasks I asked them to do. Americans don't know how to work, and I can tell first hand as an employer. When working my way through the marketing divisions at another, smaller company, I did not sit and look at the clock to see when it hit 5. I worked until 5, and if the work wasn't done, I stayed late. If America ever wants to return to its former glory, people most learn how to work.

Quinton Figueroa: Great response! I agree
@Anonymous (view comment)

Great response! I agree completely :)

p: I completely agree, I am a

I completely agree, I am a painter not the most glorious job in the world but it is a purposefull one. Most places i work at are commercial buildings,offices,stores,homes, and the one thing they all have in common is that there is always more people sitting around not accomplishing anything than people actually working. One thing I do notice is that people do not have any problem purchasing items though. Even during a recession drive by a mall and notice the traffic. Enter a department store and see how many non essential items are in peoples carts. Do you think they actually have produced the equivallence in labor for their items.This country has no idea how privaleged we are compared to the rest of the world.

Sam: They don't get it

I noticed many people with jobs simply don't understand what a job is. Companies don't exist solely to give out jobs. Companies exist to earn profit and they hire people to help them earn more profit.

If you show up and go home without helping your company earn more money, directly or indirectly, you'll rightfully lose your job.

This isn't high school. No one is forcing you to show up to school and put in your hours. The school can't get rid of you even if you're a terrible student. But a company had every right to get rid of a lazy worker who isn't contributions to their company.

These are the same people who think life should be easy and think going to work is just wearing a suit playing house. The real world is all about value. If you have none, you're worthless to the world. So get to work and provide you're not useless like everyone else who are waiting around until they eventually get laid off or replaced by a machine.

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