As much as I love life, growth and everything about existence sometimes the thought of always existing and never dying off just seems so weird. I mean, to think that we will never really die or become a void is kinda creepy. I'm sure this will not even be thought about in the spiritual world, however in this physical and timely world it is a bit of a weird thought.

I mean what must it be like to live eternally? Like to think that your consciousness will never actually go away and always exist is weird. Sure you may get smarter, learn new things and continue to progress but even that is weird.

Are we somehow trapped in some scientific flux that we can't escape? Are we not supposed to escape it? Like just the thought of us living a billion years from now and then another billion and then another billion is just nuts. I know time doesn't really exist and it's only really an illusion for us here on earth, but still. It just seems like there will come a point where everything will become boring and old. But this can't really be the case but I don't really get it.

I can understand why we exist here as humans, and that we are here to grow and help others grow. What I don't get, is why we exist spiritually and what is going on in that arena. It is just such a strange concept and so over my head.

I mean why exist at all? Why do spirits exist? Where do they come from? How are they connected with God? What really is God? What is life? How do you define a consciousness? What is really a thought? Why do we have thoughts? There are so many questions that are just so boggling and freaky to the human mind. Like why are things conscious and who decided on that? Why is the spirit world and growth something that we follow at all? Are there multiple spirit worlds? Can we ever really choose to sleep and become unconscious eternally?

If we are eternal beings, it seems like we could have already seen everything in the spirit realm and all the spheres of existence billions of times already. Have we already progressed and failed time after time in the spiritual existence?

This is just a post of some of the stuff I think about all the time. Any feedback or thoughts for discussion would be appreciated :).

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ben: Indeed

I have thought about this, and this is the number one reason why I am comfortable with the possibility of us dying and nothing happening. We just cease to exist. Sometimes I almost hope for the possibility, but in my heart i'm 90% sure we do have a soul and it will continue on beyond our mortal lives, but for how much longer I do not know. Existence itself blows my mind on a daily basis.


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