Let's talk about something most SEO's don't talk about because most SEO's aren't entrepreneurs.

Search Engine Facts

  1. Search engines judge the ranking of a site based off a number of factors.
  2. Search engines are constantly changing their algorithms based off these factors.
  3. Search engines work off what is presented to them.

Goals of SEO's

  1. Lots of traffic from search engines

The plan

Once you break down what you have to work with and what you're trying to accomplish it becomes quite clear how to dominate the search engines: hedge your SEO.

What I mean by this is you should have multiple sites in an industry that accomplish different goals. I know this will immediately throw off a red flag for a lot of SEO's who think having multiple sites is a bad thing. They will say, why have multiple sites and dilute your efforts when you can have one big one? Well for one, good SEO's don't do everything themselves and hire people. A good business shouldn't be confined to strictly one person's time. I could go on with tons more reasons but that's not the point of this post.

The strategy should be to have multiple sites of different flavors. You do have one large content site. You build the best site this niche have ever seen and you create a quality asset that brings more value than any other site in that niche to the user. But you don't stop there. You now go out and build a bunch of smaller sites that offer information on more niche content in your niche. You can basically break the sections of your large site into their own little site now.

The idea is to have some sites that are more authority driven, some that are more keyword/domain driven, some that are more link driven, some that are more social driven, etc. By diversifying your sites you are able to get search traffic no matter how they tweak their algorithm or what changes they make.

Maybe they value the domain name more at one point. Sweet, your domain sites are pumping the traffic :). Maybe they value anchor text less, no big deal you have tons of social links. Maybe they like huge content sites, your authority site to the rescue.


What I'm saying is that it works extremely well to hedge your SEO. Why have 1 website when you could have 10 or 20? People will continue to argue with this all day long, however, the traffic speaks for itself :).

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