In a world where stupidity and darkness reign it is comforting to know that I can still find solace in the fact that I can make money off of other's stupidity. And I don't mean this in a greedy, jerk kind of way. I mean this in a survival kind of way. I mean it in a hedging of their stupidity kind of way.

What do I mean by this? Well let's start with our national debt. We have a debt that is getting higher and higher and our currency is inflating more and more. This is the way it always is in politics. ALWAYS. Banks always inflate governments into oblivion while the take it. But the one redeeming factor is that there is a way for me to still somewhat come out ahead. While most people who absolutely love inflation will be eaten alive when it costs $20 to buy a gallon of gas, I will be sitting at home with my silver and gold maintaining my purchasing power. Go ahead and print more money. I don't care anymore. Nobody with an IQ above room temperature cares. They have already protected themselves with assets. Now it's time for the who voted in this crap to reap their rewards. And they will reap it hard.

What else... How about college? While we have a vast majority of who mindlessly go to college to get dumbed down I just sit here on the entrepreneurial end picking them off one by one to come work for me. They are all COMPETING to work for me because they are too brainwashed to work for themselves. This is stupidity in action. Never once does the idea of taking care of themselves cross their mind. They have been taught to have somebody else take care of them. Well here I am once again hedging myself from college by being a businessman. Being an employee is like holding fiat money... it's just plain risky.

People don't get it. They've completely ruined America. America is a complete joke these days. All you can do now is hunker down and protect yourself the best you can. All you can do now is hedge yourself from socialism/stupidity. If history is about to repeat itself then once again those who have prepared and watched the crash coming will be the ones that come out on top.

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Very good point. One thing though on the silver and gold, I hope you sold last week before the correction kicked in but if not I don't believe it will be too long before it gets back to $50 plus.

Quinton Figueroa: I missed the correction (not

I missed the correction (not really a day trader), however, I did buy more silver at $34.

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