By this article not hitting the Digg homepage it will prove my point as being true. You can't hit the Digg homepage with a quality article on its own, you have to have some type of existing traffic or user base to help get it going. Even though this article is of high quality and very accurate it will not make the Digg homepage because I don't know enough people or have enough traffic to give it that first nudge.

Check out every article on the Digg homepage and you will see that it is from a site that already has at least like 300 or so people reading the new articles a day anyway. With this initial bit of traffic it makes it possible for a particular article to hit the homepage because it already has 300+ eyeballs looking at it a day. With this existing traffic all it takes is a few Diggs here and there from the regular user base to hit the homepage.

For this reason alone, I am convinced that you have to have at least some type of existing user base or traffic to hit the homepage. A new site or a site with low traffic just won't do it because there is nothing to give it that initial push that pushes it over the edge.

Don't get me wrong, the article still has to be of valuable and interesting content, but without that initial group of people it's just never going to happen.

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Anonymous: You are an idiot.

You are an idiot.

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