Let me first say that I do in fact study the Bible and agree with the teachings it presents. What I don't get, however, is why people won't look at anything outside of the Bible for guidance, knowledge and truth. I guess it has to do somewhat with being scared of having to be questioned on your beliefs and also not caring enough about what you believe to even research it and understand it. I find it strange how a compilation of various God inspired scriptures are magically picked to be the only 100% accurate representation of our life and our God. It just doesn't make sense to me. I could be wrong but let's think about this.

The Bible isn't complete

The Bible is far from having close to every God inspired scripture inside of it. What about other books such as The Gospel of Thomas? What about the various books the Bible itself mentions inside of it? What about a book teaching you how to win friends and influence people? Why is it that the only book we have to come back to as a catch all authority is the Bible? This just seems absurd.

It is also absurd to say that the Bible has the answers to everything we will ever need to know. How could it? Answers don't come from mere text but from experience, mistakes, ridicule, persistence and tons of other factors. The answers to everything we need to know comes from life and communication with others and God. It doesn't come from solely the Bible.

Becoming an expert on God

If I were to become an expert on something it would be wise of me to go out and research everything I can about a topic. Why is it that when people want to become an expert on God they go out and do research in only 1 book? Doesn't this seem a bit biased? If I were to report on whether or not Hitler was a great person would I go through and read Mein Kampf and call it a day? Well, I guess I could but obviously people would think I have a skewed and biased perspective - and I most certainly would! Why then is this okay with the Bible? Why not read other things, do other things, talk to other people and develop a more refined understanding of God? The best journalists and authors do extensive research in many books and publications. Why should something as important as God be handled any differently?

Some people will say to me, "Well since the Bibles IS 100% accurate anything outside of it is just a waste of time and wrong. If you know the Bible is right why would you go out and read anything else?" Well first of all, we don't live in a world of 100% right or 100% wrong. We live in a world of degrees and cases. In certain instances something may be favorable and right, other times it may not be. And second of all, how do you know if something is right or wrong if you haven't looked into anything outside of it? You don't get anywhere in this world by just stopping once you have reached a certain level. Allow me to elaborate:

If the only person I ever had as a father figure was Hitler I would have a much different perspective on life than somebody else. I wouldn't really know whether he was a favorable or unfavorable individual until I looked outside of my realm and opened my eyes to differences and new things. Only then would I be able to choose to either accept or decline adding these new observations as a part of my life or not. You should never be afraid to take on something new and evaluate how it fits in.

God and truth will always prevail, if it were not true would it really be God?

The thing about God and truth is that it is the one thing that will always come out on top. You can wrap the truth up in as many lies and tricks as you want, but at the end of the day with enough thought and analysis the truth will prevail. I think this is something a lot of people don't get and why they get scared and upset when somebody tells them to read something contrary to their believes. I guess they are not really looking for the truth, they are more or less looking for something that is comfortable and compatible with them. I think this type of thing can be dangerous as it limits our growth and understanding.

If you were to go out and read some anti-bible propaganda and it was in fact false, it would be fairly easy to bring about points of truth and essentially falsify the teachings of this document. On the flip side, if something were to expand upon and enhance the Bible you would be able to question that and see that it makes sense and has aspects of truth to it. It may not always be clear at first site, but with more and more time and understanding the truth finds its way out.


What I am saying is that you should not be afraid to read something outside of your beliefs and comfort zone. The most common reason I have found of people not wanting to read anything outside of the Bible is that they don't want to be wrong. They don't want to understand and interpret this new information and see how it fits in with their current beliefs. Interpreting new data can be intimidating and challenging to a small person that does not have a strong foundation. Why interpret this new data when you can just move on with your comfortable life - after all, God definitely wouldn't want us to actually have to learn more about him in this life, or wait, would he? By going outside your comfort zone and taking in new data of all sorts I truly think you will grow to be a much stronger and greater person as a whole. And this is not something that the Bible is against and it is most certainly not something that God is against. They both want you to grow.

Take on anything and let God be your sword and your guiding light! With each failure comes success.

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Ben: Agreed

I agree with you 100%, the only part that I think people will argue with is this:

"Some people will say to me, "Well since the Bibles IS 100% accurate anything outside of it is just a waste of time and wrong. If you know the Bible is right why would you go out and read anything else?" Well first of all, we don't live in a world of 100% right or 100% wrong."

You are using logic, and most 'religious' people I know don't use very much of that. I could definitely see them saying "The bible is the word of god, anything else is shit" and just staying stuck in their ways. People should continue to question and grow and they will eventually realize (like you did) that the truth prevails, no matter who speaks it. It wouldn't matter if jesus, hitler, satan, or buddha said, "Love is better than hate", because it is truth. The speaker doesn't matter, it is the message that is important.

Quinton Figueroa: Good point, and it's true

Good point, and it's true most people will not go outside the Bible.

My question to them would be, "The Bible doesn't tell you how to drive your car, it doesn't tell you anything about computers, it doesn't tell you anything about our current society and real-world situation, why then is it okay to go out of the Bible with that?"

Chris: Maybe a little of this was

Maybe a little of this was directed at me and our previous discussion on why I think the other bible you were reading is rather skewed.

I personally am a Mormon, so of course I read another book besides the Bible and my beliefs are that the bible is a great book as far as it is translated correctly. Problem is there has been revisions of the bible, very small revisions, but revisions none the less. Also after those revisions, it had to be translated into my native tongue, english and some of the meanings of words and such were lost during that translation. The Bible is awesome, I especially love the New Testament, but I also know there are other books out there than can be just as inspirational and divinely inspired.

There are many books out there that have effected my life, these have been written in the past 50-100 years though. There are plenty of very educated people out there in my faith that read other ancient texts out there, often times in the native tongue the book was written in. My church teaches us that if you are gonna read these other books, you should do it with prayerful consideration, because there are things in those books that aren't correct revelation. All I am saying is that one must be wary of these other books, there is a reason why we have the Bible, because I feel it is directly inspired by god and that he directly had his hand in the book to make sure his will was asserted into it. I believe he guided those prophets. I however can't say the same for these other books, I am sure they have some great things and are benificial in their own way, but caution should be used and you should rely on the spirit and prayer to safeguard yourself from following the wrong path.

I am sure you know better than I, since I haven't read any of these ancient texts, but I'm just saying proceed with caution. However, I am saying that there are inaccuracies in these books and things that may seem innocent and good, but in fact they are inspired by the devil. He has very cunning ways, he isn't gonna go out there and say kill kittens, but he is very subtle, so just be careful. Wouldn't want you to be slowly lead down a path of unrighteousness.

Quinton Figueroa: Well stated. I agree with
@Chris (view comment)

Well stated. I agree with you, you do have to be careful. Thanks for sharing :).

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