I think of myself as being part of my brain. Since everything I do is controlled by my brain, it makes sense for it to be a part of me. The thought of my brain being aware of itself is kind of weird, because it’s using itself to determine itself I guess. But if I were to determine someone else’s brain with my own then I would be recognizing that they have one, and since we are both human, it’s safe to assume that my brain is aware it’s there because theirs is there.

Neurotransmitters have to do with synapses. They are the chemicals released by neurons that alter activity in other neurons. These neurotransmitters are released into the synaptic gap. Transmitter molecules cross the gap and attack to special receptor sites on the soma or dendrites of the next neuron.

We have both systems so our bodies can stay balanced well. The endocrine system is a complex grouping of hormone-producing glands that control body functions such as metabolism, body growth, and sexual development. When these hormones fall out of balance, the effect on the body and the various medical disorders that result can be dangerous and sometimes deadly. The neurological system deals with the brain and the mental and emotional states of humans. It is very important for this to stay in tact because in most cases this can not repair itself. This system is pretty much the processing unit of our body while the endocrine system is what carries out our actions. With both of these systems combined our bodies are able to complete the day to day tasks that are assigned.

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