Everywhere I go online I am finding "traffic experts" that think using other people's assets to build their low quality business is the smartest thing ever. I really don't get it. Pretty much everyone who does any type of online marketing is really into using sites like YouTube, Digg, Stumble, etc to bring traffic over to their site. They think that if they are masters on these sites then they will become the next big thing. It somewhat depends what your goals are, but if your goals are to hit it big and make a lot of money why not do it the right way?

Typical (smart???/successful???) Internet Marketer

Allow me to explain. There are basically a few main monster sites out there that people try to get traffic from (Google, YouTube, Digg, etc). They never actually stop to think what these guys are doing to get traffic and how to become like them. People are much happier being fed traffic from somebody else rather than going out and building their own power asset that others come and try to spam. Yes that's right, if you want to crush it online you need to create a system that the SEOs, Affiliate Marketers and Internet crowd want to spam. Let me repeat: you want to build something that people want to spam and try to exploit. Why use a site like YouTube and Digg to make money when you could build a site like it to make a ton more?

Who's really the smarter one: Digg, who provides value, or Joe Blogger who thinks submitting his blog to social sites 5 times a day is going to bring him to the next level? I would much rather be Digg all day long, wouldn't you? So why then do so many people not create services like Digg, Google, StumbleUpon, Reddit and such? Most people will say because it's hard. Regardless of difficulty, it is much more worthwhile to spend a few years creating a power asset than to be an Internet marketer employee for the rest of your life.


Until the "Internet experts" realize that spending all their time using these platforms is way less beneficial than spending their time building these platforms they will never hit it big online. You want to build a system that people want to use, spam and tell everyone about.

What would you rather do... spend 15 hours a day affiliate marketing w/ PPC, Social Media, Spam to make a couple thousand a week, or spend 0 hours a day sitting on a power asset that nets you way more than these "internet experts" would ever dream of making, without doing any work. I would prefer the latter and I think most people should.

Yeah I know, kind of a rant but I've been thinking about this a lot and I just read an article that pushed me to write this. It's not a bad thing to use these sites to try to build your site, but if you're aggressive online you should be thinking how to create something better than these sites that people want to use. People should stop submitting to social sites and have people submitting to their social sites.

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Work For You? Fuck You!: Bravo! Excellent post,

Bravo! Excellent post, exactly how I feel about it. Make more of these posts, get the rage out =D

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