It's kinda weird, why are we only conscious of this life that is happening right now? Why aren't we living in a past life or even a future life right this second? Or even stranger, are we living in multiple lives at the same time? It's just so weird.

We could totally be living at anytime, but this just so happens to be the one that we are conscious of. Did I have this same type of thought in my last life? Will I have it again in my next one?

These are the types of questions that really get me going and I suspect we will never have any answers for them here on earth, although I keep searching :). Sorry not really a long post but eh.

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Ben: :)

I think about this a lot, specifically "If I have lived past lives, why can't I remember them? It would be more efficient if I remembered the lessons of my past lives!"

I have come to the conclusion that people definitely need a reboot. I mean, what if in my past life I was the leader of the KKK or something? It would be much easier to die and be reborn without any memory then it would be to get rid of all of the prejudices. Or maybe I was an old woman that used to give everything she could to everyone, but in this life I am trying to learn the lesson of giving to myself first?

Who knows :)

I like thinking.


斯坦利stanley: How we live here was never

How we live here was never about us, weather we are satisfied with somethings or not,everything goes according to how God wants it.Weather we long to know beyond oir present existence,that's why it's beyond,Tete is a reason and our purpose on earth is to live the present and make that affect our after life,fortunately that's a gift but people still consider that ridiculous because they want answers to fill their physical brain yet beyond is not physical.

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