Well, I've just about had enough with how incredibly stupid people are so I feel it is my duty to have to at least attempt to do something about it. That is why I am starting an online school. This isn't your typical school either.

I don't want to teach people english, math or any of that stuff right now. While those are all important topics, even more important are topics such as self-discipline, finance, real business, ethics, integrity, honor and many other personal aspects. Most of all I want this school to focus on people starting their own business rather than getting a job. Colleges are at no shortage of pumping out robots who are ready to take orders. Screw that, we don't need more people ready to work jobs - we have plenty of those, just look at unemployment. We obviously need more people to fix real problems. We don't need people looking for a job.

So it is my hopes to help move people forward in the right direction. I want to be able to accept anybody into the school and train them based off their current level. It is my goal to leave each person a little better than they started and it is my ultimate goal for people to leave the school with their own business and the desire to better themselves.

So yeah, all my complaining about how incredibly inept people are about how our world operates has motivated me to educate people. People are not getting the education they need in college. College doesn't teach you how to NOT be greedy. College doesn't teach how to NOT be an employee. College doesn't teach how money really works. College doesn't teach why you're here on earth and where you're going. College doesn't teach morals and ethics. College doesn't teach you to love your neighbor. College doesn't teach you take responsibility over your own life, rather than have others take responsibility for you.

I just can't take it anymore. So over the course of the next few years I am really going to try to dial in a system that will point people in a positive direction and help them understand the importance of self-discipline and responsibility. That is what we need. We need to go back to basics. The school is called Illi University and will be a long-term project of mine. I'm new to educating people, but I feel there are tons of things people need to know that would benefit them far more than most colleges. As with all my businesses I just jump in and iterate as I go. It will start with short 5-10 min videos explaining various principles and hopefully will grow in beneficial ways as it evolves.

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