When's the last time you met somebody who actually owned their car? I'm not talking about payments or leases but just straight up owned it 100%. How about their house? How about anything that costs more than $100?

The sad reality is most people just don't own anything anymore. Everything people have is leased to them on debt. Like really think about it. Probably 95% of the cars on the road are not owned by the actually people driving them. They are owned by bankers who simply allow most people to drive their car for a monthly fee.

How about your house? Probably only 1-2% of people actually own their house free and clear. The vast majority are simply given permission to live in a house owned by a banker so long as they continue to pay their bills. But don't think for a second just because you use something or become accustomed to it that it is yours and that that's the way things will always be. The game over switch can be hit anytime the banker wants to and you will be rendered what you really are.

You see, there are really only 2 types of people in America from a financial perspective: poor and rich. The middle class is a fake illusion where "middle class" people think they are above being poor because they are given permission by the rich to have and do certain things. They are still under the same rules as poor people. They are still just batteries for the rich.

The middle class is being squeezed more and more as debt and credit become more and more popular. The concepts weren't created on accident and I suspect the majority of people living day to day on credit buying things they don't need will one day wake up wondering what the hell happened. But it will be too late. Until people realize how the poor / rich game works (which requires real work) they will continue being poor thinking they are average, they will continue being slaves thinking they are free and they will continue being stupid thinking they are intelligent.

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