Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos said it best:

It is becoming harder and harder for companies that rely on tricking people into buying something rather than actually providing value so they buy

(I don't remember his exact words, but it was something like that).


The Internet is crushing the old model of business and it rocks. Once again, business just took one more step scientific, and why shouldn't it? No longer is it enough to be a mediocre bookstore in the middle of a large city. If you're not providing value and you're not solving problems you're out! The buyers are in control and you no longer can rely on simply luring them into your store because they have no other options.

The internet offers more options than ever and if people don't like your product, prices, customer service or business they are out and on to the next store! Good luck building your business off sales tactics and gimmicks. People are getting sharper and competition is getting fiercer. It's about time we move forward and I'm 100% for it.

Employee Ownage

No longer is it good just to be somebody that accomplishes tasks. In the information age it's no longer worth doing anything that a computer can and should be doing. Jobs are being destroyed left and right and we're moving towards an age of automation. Gone are the days of the rote jobs that a computer can do faster and more accurately.

People need to wise up and become people of actual value in this day and age. You can't be a "machine" that just completes tasks. You need to become an innovator that actually discovers their strengths and creates true value in this world. People are becoming more and more "Chiefs" and less and less "Indians." The Indians will be automated more and more as technology moves forward.


So crack open a book, do some studying and think with your mind. Find your strengths and start contributing your core values. If you don't you will be dead meat.

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