It really has, and it's insane. Just 10 years ago if you were looking to increase your knowledge in a specific area you would most likely order some books or take a few college courses. These days, however, all you have to do is start typing in questions on Google and you will instantly be presented with a number of relevant, on-topic results that provide a wide array of information from various perspectives.

People are really going to get smart

The Internet is really starting to harvest some smart people. It is getting harder and harder to keep knowledge and information from people as the Internet opens up so much. The Internet does not care who you are or what you do, if you are willing to search and learn you can find some extremely valuable information. Back in the old days somebody may go searching all across country or world just to find an answer to one question. These days all you have to do is type your question into Google and begin the journey.

Different perspectives

Somebody in another country is no longer unable to learn about life and people all the way on the other side of the world. People can get right in and discuss with different cultures and share their perspectives and really grow, it's incredible. The community aspect that the web provides is previously unheard of. The ability to ask a question and have a passionate group of individuals answer that question with their own experience is just so fantastic.

Way to learn online

On top of all this great readable literature there are also other ways of learning online such as audio podcasts and video. Both of these methods allow for more audible and visual people to learn their own way as well. And believe me, I am a .


Knowledge is now moving forward exponentially - and it's awesome. The Internet is the book of life waiting to be read!

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