With domain names increasing in value an average of 400% per year it is no surprise that the Internet is the new real estate. We are living in such a great time online right now. I just wake up every day seeing so much opportunity on this evolving medium. The Internet offers all the aspects one would expect with real estate.


Every website you own is an asset, just like every home you own is an asset. Properties online work very similar to properties that are offline. The more work you put into your online asset the more valuable it will become. In real estate you may decide to give the property a new paint job and some fresh new carpet. In the online world you can give your site some new content and give it some new links to increase the value.

Passive Income

The Internet is the complete master of passive income. I would say it is even more passive than real estate. With the Internet all you really need to pay is for your server to be on and that is becoming cheaper and cheaper each day. You can literally host 100 sites on a single server for around $10/mo. Everything you make after your time and the minimal server costs is straight profit. And the best part is it's happening 24/7/365. Just because it's the weekend doesn't mean the Internet decides to stop. Your store is open all day everyday :).


Just like in real estate your online property also will increase in value over time. The older your domain name is the more valuable it will become. The older your web site is the more trust it will have with search engine and the more traffic they will feed you. Time is your friend on the Internet, just like it is in real estate.

Bonus: Automation

And the absolute coolest part about the Internet that real estate is pretty much lacking is automation. With the Internet you can straight up replace people with machines that are 100% accurate. With a couple scripts you can instantly do the work that 100 people would produce over a long period of time manually. You can quickly duplicate repetitive tasks and common elements no problem. Everything is dynamic and real time. There is no need to worry whether things get done or not, we're living in the automation era!


Since you're reading this post I don't need to tell you to get with it online, you already are - as you should. Congratulations on embracing the new real estate.

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Anonymous: i read this awhile back

but until I read about how domain names are bought and sold I didnt fully grasp the concept. It appears that "internet real estate speculators" might have come out better than actual real estate in the last few years.

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