I usually don't post about tech stuff but ever since purchasing the iPhone I can not resist. Reasons why the iPhone is better than your phone:

You can sync email (Gmail baby!) on it super easy

I hooked up my Gmail account to it super easy and now I can check my email while walking to the restroom! You rule iPhone!

You can browse the Internet with a sweet Safari hybrid

Once upon a time IE ruled the web, but ever since CSS came out in the 70's it has been all about FF and Safari. I can check the Internet anywhere! Just today I hit a red light and I pulled out my trusty iPhone and checked some web stats :).

It has broadband

What other phones are able to pull up the Internet with such speed?

Excellent iPod

No need to explain why this is cool, although 8 gigs is a bit weak. But considering how my last phone was about 64MB I would consider this a huge leap forward! Hopefully their next version will be at least 2 terabytes to hold all my porn.

Best mobile keyboard

I know, I know, all you blackberry, treo people out there that think the iPhone keyboard sucks. The keyboard is like most good things in life, once you master it, it's that much better. After about 2 days I mastered the keyboard pretty good. It has an auto correct feature that is really good when you're going super fast. I started out going kind of slow with it when I first got it but now the keystroke sound can't even keep up with the speed of my fingers, and that's in vertical mode! When I switch over to horizontal mode all Hell breaks loose and thunder and lighting come crashing down! This keyboard is so sweet. The only problem is that I can only use my 2 thumbs and not all 10 fingers. Eh, what can you do?

I propose the iPhone challenge where I will put money on the fact that I can beat anybody on any other mobile device hands down when it comes to speed and accuracy with my iPhone - and that's in vertical mode! ;) Any takers?

Best SMS

The SMS crushes everything else. I thought I was using Gtalk at first but then I realized, no I'm not in Gmail in Safari, no I'm not in Gmail in my iPhone mailbox, and yes I'm in the SMS feature on the best phone ever. Yeah, you can't forward texts but you can fast forward movies! Which would you rather have the ability to forward?


Everything about the maps is awesome except it doesn't have GPS built in... all good though.

Great Calendar with alerts

No more sleeping in and missing meetings for me. It has alarms that alert me before my meetings!

Solid address book

You can keep track of everything about people.


The iPhone is a mini-laptop and I'd highly recommend! Oh and in case you're wondering, this whole blog post was done on my iPhone while waiting at the post office... No not really, but it very well could have been!

PS: Up next, a G4! Then I can get mesmerized by the Apple commercials and feel like I'm regressing back to Kindergarten - you got us good Apple, you got us good...

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Ben: I was in class the other day

I was in class the other day and the guy next to me actually had an iphone. That thing is really sweet, I only got to play with it for a little bit but I may very well have to get one now :)


Anonymous: not really

i have an iphone unlocked with about 30 applications but the truth is, the nokia n95 is way better than the iphone i recently bought the nokia and gave my iphone to my mom. sure the iphone has pretty amazing things, but take a head to head comparison between the two phones and i am sure you will agree with me.

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