People still go crazy about Jesus these days and why shouldn't they, he was badass - big time. However, I think many people actually forget just what he was all about and don't adjust his teachings to this day and age. Just because he wore a robe (did he?) and talked about archaic things back in the day doesn't mean he would still be such an outdated individual during our day and age.

Jesus was actually quite advanced for his time and I suspect that if he were to visit us during this day and age he would be very scientific and technological.

So without further ado, the Jesus of this day and age...

Would not side with any one religion, including Christianity

Yes, Christianity was created based off him and revolves around him but so what. Just because they talk about Jesus doesn't mean they follow his teachings. Jesus' main emphasis was love for one another. Well, just about every religion has thrown that one out the door. He knows that each religion has its various aspects that help bring people closer to the truth, however, no one religion has or will ever have all the answers.

Would teach us to love one another (again)

That said, Jesus would tell us to love one another. Remove the ego, remove the materialistic distractions of this world and simply love one another. That's right, throw away your money, throw away your fake you and start loving your fellow human beings. Are we so ingrained in this society that we have forgot this simple truth?

Would be very scientific

Jesus would rock the science like there was no tomorrow. He would be able to explain things scientifically since people in this day and age would actually be able to make sense of some more advanced concepts like atoms, energy and time (even though we're still only one step above monkeys).

Wouldn't be dressed in a robe / would be dressed totally modern and different

Jesus would not wear a freaking robe. He would look normal like everyone else and would be quite hip once again.

Would be hated even more than he was previously

With the spread of information and our connectivity in this day and age, Jesus would be challenged by everyone in just a few days. He would be all over the Internet in one day, hit main stream media the next day and be pissing everyone off just as he did in the past :). The truth has such a sweet way of causing turmoil on the wicked.

Would do miracles way cooler than healing the sick and walking on water

Miracles are just advanced science and this Jesus character would be Einstein on steroids².


And there you have it. A modern day messiah ready to rock and roll just like he did 2,000 years ago.

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Anonymous: makes sense to me

makes sense to me

ScottC: Pssst., don't look now, but this guy DOES exist., ;-)

Here is a guy who started speaking to THOUSANDS of people about Life and the Appreciation thereof when he was only SIX years old, moved to the West as a young teen and multiplied his audience exponentially, got his pilots license as a teen (holds more ratings than almost anyone, I believe), flies his own G5 (Gulfstream G5, last I knew) around the world to speak in over 160 countries to millions and MILLIONS, hacks & programs on his own computers, composes and plays music, his words are translated all over the world AND is becoming HUGE using the modern technology of the Internet and has NO modern "religious" affiliation.

He occasionally quotes Jesus, Rumi, Kabir and other ancient Masters, but speaks in VERY modern language peppering his talks with comments about the iPhone, Global Warming or anything else that might come into the "normal everyday Life" of modern man or woman and like Jesus (or any of the other Masters before him) his message is sage, timeless and OH so simple. The simplest really, just like every Master before him. Well worth checking out, but you'll be hearing about him before long if you have not already. & my own resource page;

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