Make no mistake about it: Javascript has pretty much replaced Flash on every level except video. If you are looking to animate, hide, load, move or pretty much do anything else with elements on your page javascript is clearly the way to go, and jQuery is like the actionscript of javascript.

I used to be really into Flash when I first started developing websites because it allowed so much flexibility. I was able to animate things the way I wanted and really make my sites stand out. The problem with Flash is that it totally breaks your site in so many ways that it's hard to actually make your site dynamic and scalable while sticking with a Flash solution. It's just too much extra over-head and it hurts your site from a usability standpoint in so many ways. The only time Flash really makes sense is for video or a banner/ad situation.

jQuery totally takes over for all the other stuff you would use Flash for and it does it super easy. Just the other day I wrote a sweet image swapper with like 3 lines of code, and it's fully dynamic and clean. I mean it's just stupid these days. Even AJAX is really quite simple. You create your "framed" page, you create your event and then viola - you're dynamically loading stuff in without refreshing the whole page. Oh and best of all, just like Flash jQuery pretty much works the exact same on every browser.

jQuery or GTFO!

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