I think these days, perhaps more than usual, we suffer from a lack of creativity. Too many people go along to get along and never really use creative faculties.

Go to YouTube and search for some people playing music. Almost all of them will be people playing somebody else's music, not their own. Writing their own music is much too difficult.

Go to a concert and see all the people willing to go pay to watch a creative group of individuals perform so they don't have to become creative themselves.

Moreover, go to a pop concert and watch the lead vocalist sing the music that was written for him/her by a much more creative individual.

Watch the news and listen to an actor/actress read a script that was prepared for him/her by a much more creative individual.

Go to an office and observe all the employees carrying out their master's wishes rather than carrying out their own wishes.

Go to a University and discover all the people looking to be placed in a specific job rather than creatively coming up with their own unique job.

Go to a bar and watch all the guys use the same, crusty, uncreative methods of picking up girls.

Everywhere you go it seems people just aren't creative and don't want to be creative. Everyone appears to be on auto-pilot. There are many vehicles going down the road, but no drivers to direct them where to go. They have given up. Most people are happy not being creative but love worshiping those who are.

So why aren't people creative? That's easy: it's hard. When have people ever wanted to do something that's hard? When have people ever wanted to achieve greatness and overcome adversity?

Let's see what Manly P. Hall thinks about it:

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Concerned: Reply

This is the sad reality of our times. Indeed less and less people have the entrepreneur spirit, nor the work ethic in general that many of our parents and grandparents possessed. This stems primarily from an education system that focuses on teaching everybody to be dependent on employers. Schools only teach students the skills based on the profession they desire to obtain employment.

There is an increasing number of colleges that are implementing programs aimed at teaching students about individualism, entrepreneurship, and economics from an Austrian perspective, though the number of schools doing so is still very limited it is at least encouraging that such programs do exist. John Allison, former BB&T Banking CEO, has awarded 25 colleges several million dollars to study Ayn Rand and economic philosophy through the BB&T Charitable Foundation. Other schools have programs of their own, for instance, my brother who is an economics professor has started an entrepreneurship program at the college he teaches at. He said the response has been overwhelmingly positive and students are enjoying the projects he has them participate in.

Programs such as those mentioned above are at least a start in the right direction, and we can only hope that it continues to grow. However, students should take an interest in these sorts of programs even if they don't exist at their school by merely buying the books and learning on their own. A creative mind can easily be stimulated by merely reading the right books. The author that I have found has some of the best books on this is Napoleon Hill. Personally, Hill's books were life changing for me and I highly recommend them to everyone.

Quinton Figueroa: It is encouraging to know

It is encouraging to know that there are some colleges working on bringing people back on the right track. I suspect as things get worse and worse these schools will be pushed harder and harder to teach real subjects once again.

And I agree with you on Napoleon Hill. Think and Grow Rich is one of the best books I have ever read :).

Concerned: Reply

If more people would read Napoleon Hill's books we might live in better times. That book will bring about an entrepreneurial spirit like no other, and his philosophy has all of the steps for anyone to become successful.

Another book that is worth reading is Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand. That is the best book I have ever read by far. It is powerful enough to cure this country's political mindset among many Americans if they would simply take the time to read it. Of course, learning that it even exists is a nearly impossible task alone, considering the fact that so many of our youth have been undereducated by our schools and are not provided good references of work to read. Ayn Rand was a philosopher who has been hated by the left since her releasing the book, yet it still went on to become one of the best selling books of all time. Additionally, even some conservatives won't read it because she was an atheist, but she doesn't discuss it in her books that I've read so far. There are rumors of a possible movie of Atlas Shrugged someday, and Angelina Jolie (an Ayn Rand Libertarian...in her own words) could possibly play the main character. Let's hope so for America's sake because that would surely have a major positive impact on the way people perceive capitalism. Of course, Hollywood would go crazy if this were to happen, for fear it would hamper their goal of destroying America.

Anyone who has not read Atlas Shrugged I strongly urge you do so. Also, Napoleon Hill is a must read.

Quinton Figueroa: I have never read Atlas

I have never read Atlas Shrugged but that is now my next audio book download. I have heard many great things about Ayn Rand but never looked into her too much. Thanks for the recommendation :)

Concerned: Ayn Rand

You can buy the abridged version on audio, which my brother listened to and said it was great. I am finishing up the actual paperback unabridged book now, which is 1200 pages. Either one is fine and you will probably be a huge fan of Rand after reading it. I have read two of her books, listened to all of her interviews on youtube, and read some other smaller works of hers. My next book of hers to read is The Fountainhead, which is another very long book and I already have purchased it.

I do like the audio books these days because I spend so much time driving. I am currently listening to A Patriot's History of the United States, also an excellent book. This one is 40 discs and covers everything from the founding of our nation to present. A must read for history fans or anyone wanting to learn about our history from a non left wing bias like our schools teach from. Virtually everything we learn in school about history is skewed to the left, which is how the government is getting away with transforming our nation to socialism. I was reading through a college student's history book the other day and it was extremely slanted to the left. It praises every democrat president including Carter, and criticizes all of the Republican ones including Ronald Reagan. It does not say one positive thing about Reagan, which alone is sufficient to call it out for its bias.

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