Jordan Maxwell says:

America is not the land of the free and the home of the brave. We're not free or brave.

And he's right. Americans these days are far from the Americans that built this nation into the giant that it once was. Those days are becoming more and more dim. We have slowly become spoiled rich kids that have forgotten that freedom has a price: bravery.

It just is what it is. Although we may still call this country America it just isn't. The people behind it aren't Americans, they are weak sheeple.

It's like if you to take a strong company like Google and swap all of its employees with all the people in prison. Google would become a new prison and the prison would become the new Google. There has been this same type of brand change to America only it isn't quite this extreme and it has happened very slowly over the years, although it is really starting to speed up now.

All you have to do is compare the qualities of early Americans to those of current Americans:

$header = array('Trait', 'Early American', 'Current American');
$rows[] = array('Work Ethic', 'Hard Worker', 'Lazy');
$rows[] = array('Ego', 'Humble', 'Egotistical');
$rows[] = array('Finance', 'Saver', 'Consumer');
$rows[] = array('Spiritual', 'Looks to God for answers', 'Looks to self for answers');
$rows[] = array('Truth', 'Seeks it', 'Avoids it');
$rows[] = array('Past Time', 'Family & Education', 'Entertainment');
$rows[] = array('Marriage', 'Love & Commitment', 'Sex & Porn');
$rows[] = array('Challenge', 'Takes Hard Road', 'Takes Easy Road');
$rows[] = array('Government', 'Small & people control it', 'Large & it controls people');
$rows[] = array('Market Problems', 'Let free market correct itself', 'Let government correct market');
print theme('table', $header, $rows);


We're not free and we're not brave. We're not even Americans.

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Brade: Nah

Have to disagree with this one. Generalities are always dangerous, and the question still remains is there any country I'd rather live in? For me, the answer is no.

But bravery, charity, invention, etc. are all still going strong here. There were a fair amount of "sheeple" in the colonial days too. It's the founding fathers we choose to remember, right? Mankind will always have leaders and followers, and leaders will always be more rare. Nothing more to it than that.

Quinton Figueroa: It's never 100% of anything
@Brade (view comment)

It's never 100% of anything in either way, there are always exceptions. There are obviously still great people in America and were weak people in the colonial days.

However, if you compare the quality of people these days to the quality of people say 100 years ago there is no comparison - and the facts prove it: Crime is higher, divorce is higher, consumption is higher. The trend is that we are becoming lower and lower quality. There will always be winners that don't get pulled down, but the majority are.

Yes America still may be the best place to live, but that is slowly changing and 20 years from now we may have to rethink that thought.

Anonymous: We are what we make it

The reason I enjoy your site is this sense of joy for life and the quest for truth and love of creativity. Seems we have to go out on the net to find kindred spirits for in my own inner circle 'sheeple' rule and having conversations that actually generate new ways of thinking doing things is slim to none. There is such a thing as social engineering and from what I've learned about people is that for the most part they do not like change and it's considered impolite to say anything that someone doesn't want to hear. I remember once when someone warned me that I would offend people if I kept insisting that they think. I responded with a "Huh?!" But it seems to have a bit of truth to it. What does that say about America today vs yesterday? I don't know. but what I do know is that I love the net. It opens the whole world up to me personally, professionally with lots of spiritual affirming and a great future unfolding for humanity. I'm lovin' this sense of ethereal connections, like the ugly duckling finding the swans. ha!

Camden: Anti-Allergic

Good afternoon. Get pleasure out of much as you can. Nobody ever died from pleasure.
I am from Saudi and also am speaking English, give true I wrote the following sentence: "The idea behind anti allergy vaccines is to increase the tolerance of patients to the allergen by eprogramming the immune system to respond differently."

Best regards :P, Camden.

OpenEyedAmerican: Unsustainable Marketing Slogan for War Business

It's not our people that have lost quality. It's our political/economic system that has no morals. Our war economy is ugly, as America spends more than half the world combined on war and weapons arming the world to the teeth for profit. Its NEVER been about protection. An irresponsible tyrannical fed budget at the root cause of overall social decay, perpetual wars, raging fires, and hurricanes. It's all connected, follow the money. Put a rat into a cage of oppression, the rat will seek a drug to ease its pain. Ditto with the American people. "Land of the Free because of the Brave" is an unsustainable political twister that is not only a deceiving marketing spin, it's rude, crude and disrespectful to our own people as we just lay over like cowards, allowing multi-millions of our nation's daughters and sons go get mangled or die in a foreign gladiator ring for nothing but oil, arms sales, "power" and greed for resources. The social engineering is within our very own evil political media with sensationalized displays of the flag stretched across football fields, showcasing the "tributes" like shiny trophies while Lady Trinket-like freaks sing the anthem glorifying bombs for "freedom." Ironic thing is, those of us living the good life are those that can see this. We can see right through the masks of "good deeds" played out like a reality TV show across our media, movies, TV shows mirroring a violent video game, while the blind apathetic audience cheers it all on like entertainment and are distracted by less important things, like celebrities, what color toenails they have, fashion trends or sex scandals. War is for profit. Nothing else. And THERE is where our society has lost its moral compass if it really ever had one. And please don't say something ignorant like "go live somewhere else." I love my life in America, was born and raised here with a cherry-blossomed upbringing and own a beautiful house in the SF Bay Hills with panoramic views, snow ski regularly, and live in the moment happily every day. But this is not about me. It's about our entire next generation that deserves better.

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