A huge disconnect I find with most tech companies is that their technical side is on a different page than the leadership. In most cases the CEOs and leaders know nothing about technical things and tech guys know nothing about good leadership. This would be okay if the two were able to leverage each others strengths, but in most cases that's just not what happens.

Why does this matter? Because the vision guys don't know what to envision if they don't know the technological advantages and barriers. They may not know about flash, ajax, server configuration, scaling an application for volume or any other aspects which can create huge opportunities for relevancy. And on the other hand, the people that do know about this generally know very little about actually putting it together for something useful. They may know how to program a video site like YouTube, they may know how to build a social site like Facebook technically, but they don't have the vision and leadership to make it a reality. And the CEOs who can make it a reality can't because they don't know how to leverage the technology the right way. Everything ends up sloppy.

The companies that truly can merge this disconnect are the companies that are killing it.

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