Articles like this CNN Article make me sick. More and more we are experiencing the results of mob rule in America and this is yet another example at its best.

You have got to love how the article starts off:

Hey, rich folks! The American people are putting you on notice. They want you to pay higher taxes.

What does this even mean? The American people are putting rich people on notice? They want to go back to the historical failure of raising taxes yet again? How could somebody even say something like that?

The rich people already pay the most taxes. Taxing them more will only take away more "jobs", cause more unemployment and further our economic depression. We have tried this time and time again throughout history. Almost any time you transfer capital to the government rather than the private sector it creates more problems. The private sector is almost always better at spending its money than some uneducated bureaucrat.

Furthermore, of course the mob wants to raise taxes. The mob always makes bad decisions, that's why they're poor. Rather than read a book and figure out how to fix the problems of America they would rather be tricked into perpetuating them by their socialist masters. The never have a clue on what anything means and will always choose a quick fix that will ultimately create more problems in the future.

The never once stop to think if what they're actually proposing or voting for is a logical or researched position. They always go with the easy emotional answer that does exactly the opposite of what they think it does.

What are the doing coming up with this crap anyway? Aren't they supposed to be grazing in the fields pacified by television?

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Concerned: Sickening is right

CNN is a disgrace to media, not that any of the other ones on TV are much better. I have even lost my interest in Fox, with the exception of Fox Business when Stossel and Napolitano are on. The only thing you get from any of the TV News shows is some ignorant talking head's opinion of the particular big government brand he or she supports or doesn't support. There is no real news on TV, only from the Internet and a few magazines can you find any. Reason Magazine being the only exception I've found for a quality magazine.

The tax issue is supported by those who are truly ignorant. By ignorant I mean lacking any real knowledge of economics and politics, and in some cases simply a lack of intelligence. You can't teach these ignoramuses anything because they are too lazy to learn.

Sam: Sinpletons

I see this type of thinking all the time and it's confusing.

Why do people think when rich folks earn money, they are always somehow stealing it from the poor?

Never mind the rich already pay way more than they should and already pay the majority of the taxes.

But what do they think will happen to all this extra money that gets taken from the rich? Where will it go? Will it just get divided up and disbursed to everyone in the mob?

Then what? They'll all spend that money and lose it all and be back at square one. Then what happens? They tax the rich even more?

The reason these sheep mobs think this way is the same they are always going to be poor. They can't think into the future at all.

Amazing ...

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