Most higher quality people throughout the world are able to sustain themselves. They are self-responsible and while they work with others, they don't NEED others to take care of them. They don't need somebody to direct their life for them because they can direct it themselves. They don't need a parent to look after them because they are a parent.

On the other hand you have the low quality people who can't take care of themselves, for whatever reason. Maybe they had a bad upbringing or maybe they chose to make bad decisions. Whatever the case, these people are not able to sustain life on their own. They are like a child that needs a parent, a serf that needs a king or a citizen that needs laws.

The only reason kings, laws and government exists is because people are animals. As soon as people decide to become humans they no longer need to live in a cage and can become free, sovereign beings. Rules and laws exist for people who need rules and laws. If we didn't need kings to tell us what to do we wouldn't have kings. If we didn't need laws to tell us what to do we wouldn't have laws. If we didn't need governments to support us we wouldn't have governments.

If we were becoming better people we would have less and less laws. If we were becoming better people we would have less government. But the opposite appears to be true. Every day more laws are being passed, more government is being created, kings are receiving far greater power. It should be an indication as to the level of maturity of a world when more laws are being legislated and more government is being built.

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