So I upgraded my phone the other day and as a special one-time sale, I was able to get a mail-in rebate! Oh wait, this is not cool and a total joke and waste of time.

A great idea...

I hate mail-in rebates so freaking much and it seems every time I go to buy an electronic device it comes with a mail-in rebate. It makes no sense at all to say, "This mail-in rebate will take $100 off the sale price." Why on earth should I have to mail it in? Wouldn't it be more efficient for everyone if we eliminated the whole mailing step and took the discount straight-up? It's crazy how its almost become a normal thing for every product to have a 20% off mail-in rebate. Everywhere I go I feel like I'm treated like a toddler.

The sad truth

If you think about what's actually going on here for a few seconds you will come to realize that the only purpose of this "offer" is to make a quick and easy buck. It's such a worthless effort that makes no sense. Yes I know, probably only like 10% of people ACTUALLY mail these in and the stores keep huge profits on all these electronic sales. It's just such a dirty, unproductive technique and I am not an advocate for it at all.

Let's move forward and stop wasting other people's time

It's stupid... things like this just show the greed of people. Why is everyone so greedy? Everywhere I go I'm getting worked and I don't like it at all.

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: Mostly agree

While Mail-In-Rebates are a real pain in the ass, and most people do not even bother, others are rejected for not following the rules. I have been able to personally take advantage of many rebates.

I do agree that they are stupid, the manufacturers get to keep the money. Most of the time the store already made it's money on the initial purchase and has little to do with the actual rebate (unless it is a one store only rebate).

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