Throughout history the majority of people have been followers rather than leaders. As a result, there are more people less likely to make a stand than those that do make a stand. Making a stand is harder than not making a stand because it requires a set of values. And having a set of values is hard because it requires work.

Therefore, the vast majority of people are okay with other people setting their values for them as they float through life because having others set values for themselves is the easier thing to do. And people are always more likely to opt for the easier path until they have developed the ethics and integrity to stand for the harder path.

In making a stand for what is right you are displaying your unwavering love for truth despite the ridicule and punishment it may deliver. The one who stands for what is right takes the higher road and develops his character as a result. He moves on from his lower nature and becomes a mature adult that is capable of bringing forth prosperity and light unto the world and others.

When people who are interested in things of low moral and low understanding are encountered by a being that shines brightly they too will share in this light and develop themselves. Making a stand for truth is necessary to the betterment of all.

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