I'm sick of hearing people complaining about the media. "The media is controlled", "The liberal media", "Fox News sucks", and on and on. People bash the media as if it owes them something, as if the media is supposed to have their best interest at hand. The media is a private business, it can operate however it wants to operate. If it sucks so bad then get off your lazy butt and do something about it. The media is exactly what people want it to be.

If people stopped watching our current forms of "news" the media companies would have no choice but to change. But as long as people are watching it then it is what it is. The media companies are in business to make money. And if the people love to support the propaganda who can you blame? The media companies don't force you to watch them. And the media companies don't force you to become stupid. People choose and chose to become stupid. That's why we're where we are. The media companies would have never gotten to the point they're at if people called out the BS when they first saw it.

Of course the media is a full service movie channel. It's supposed to be entertainment. How can you blame the media companies for giving the people what they want? Sure, it may help humanity more to take the higher road and actually provide decent content but in this day and age the people want to be entertained and the media companies, being a for-profit business, simply recognize this sad reality.

The media is a relatively new enterprise, at least in the current form of a constant stream of information. People used to have to seek out information and discern it. Now information is spoon fed via the TV. And once again, the TV didn't force people to accept it. The media didn't force people to watch it. People chose to slowly go down the path of less work, more play. Now they are reaping the results.

So if you are really pissed about the media then start your own news channel. Many of these huge media companies started the good old fashioned way of hard work. Now it's up to you to do the same. Stop whining and get to work. Start small and grow.

A great example is Alex Jones from www.infowars.com. This guy has single-handedly grown a political/news broadcast to over 2 million listeners all in less than 10 years. He is dominating conventional media because he is providing higher quality information.

So for crying out loud, the media is a private business and can do whatever it wants to do. It's up to you to protect yourself, they're not going to do it for you. At our current pace it's only a matter of time before the government starts regulating our media. What a disaster that will be.

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You are correct, but the Internet and talk radio are the only way to make a difference. The big shots own all of the news channels, thus there will not be anyone coming out with a new one. As for the Internet, at the present it is free game, but I expect that to change in the near future through government controlled regulation in the name of national security of course. As for the news shows on TV, many of them have been losing visitors consistently but it doesn't seem to matter with the exception of some anchors getting fired recently. General Electric happens to own many of the major networks, all left wing biased of course, and they are not worried about profits, which they don't seem to be making much of anymore. The CEO Jeffrey Immelt wouldn't care if he ran th company into the ground so long as he can get his left wing view across, but I suspect he won't have any problems since the radical president likes him so well and thus has given GE billions of dollars for green energy projects.

I don't suspect people can get on talk radio either unless they have major connections or money since the popular shows are already consuming all of the radio waves.

This leaves blogs and podcasts, which I believe is where the difference is being made now, but this is also why I think the FCC will put a stop to it eventually.

All the news shows are biased, and there's not a single one that I like. I try to watch Beck but he is so full of it I can't even stand him much anymore. He claims to be a Libertarian yet does not support any of the major Libertarian views, nor does he like Ron Paul, which alone is a pretty good indicator that you're not a Libertarian. Guess I will continue to get my news on-line.

Quinton Figueroa: Thanks for the reply. I

Thanks for the reply. I agree with you, however, I do think people can create a quality news channel that people would enjoy watching. CNN, MSNBC, Fox and all the others were built slowly over a long period of time. It takes time to become large and anybody can do it. There is no reason that an entrepreneur with some capital can't come in and create their own news channel that is not under the control of the major media companies. You don't have to sell out to these large companies and collapse under their control. It is still possible for a true American to start a news channel that isn't BS. If I had a bit more money I know I would go for it. But I know there are plenty of people who are in a position to go for it and should. I think the timing would be great to make some good money as well.

Obviously the Internet is a great starting point and is reaching a large number of people, but there still is that baby-boomer generation that loves the television. It would be nice to see a news channel finally slam them with some real information.

And yeah, I can't stand watching any of the crap we call news. When did it become taken over by hot actors and actresses that have not a single original thought? The whole thing is such a complete joke. It's show business.

But from my understanding it is operating completely under a free market. If they want to provide junk, let them. There is plenty of opportunity for a true news channel to rise to the occasion and take away their market share yet nobody seems to want to accept this calling.

Concerned: Reply

I think you missed my point on the news channels. I do realize that it is a free market, however, the cable networks are ruled by a few very wealthy and powerful businessmen and businesses in general. There are no channels available to get a spot on unless you go to the satellite channels or maybe the extended cable channels. Do some research on the tv networks and you will find that most all of them are controlled by the same companies or people. They have the power to control the networks and prevent other shows from being born. That is why I believe somebody hasn't stepped up already. Fox News was created by Rupert Murdock, who happens to own a large potion of the tv and motion pictures industry. What channel do you suppose someone could start a show on? Sure they may start one on channel 551 or something ridiculous that hardly anyone gets or watches, but not a chance at starting one on a major station because they are already owned and operated by those who do not want any real news show to be on tv. This is why I feel the internet is the only source to do so. Talk radio is available but it too is largely controlled by a few companies, Fox being a major one. I'm not trying to be pessimistic here, just realistic, I don't see any chance for it to happen on the tv networks. But trust me, I would love to see a good news channel on regular cable.

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