Now that I have your attention, understand that I only have your attention because you are human. Everything in this universe is not human. In fact, 99.9999999999999% of everything in this universe is not human. So these things that matter most to you matter least in the whole scheme of things. In the big picture of things does anybody besides humans even care?

Because of our free will, we are able to inflict pain and suffering on others. Since we only know the "this age" of somebody's development I think we have an extremely biased and short-sighted view. Do you really know all the details of what led up to something? Is somebody you may think is innocent really innocent? How do you know their complete record and the best way to punish or reward someone?

I am by no means saying that these types of things are good, I am strictly saying that just because we deem them as bad doesn't mean the universe deems them as bad and has no reason for them. Everything is in degrees and the level of degree is based on perspective. From our perspective these may be extreme, but from a lower perspective than these things they may actually be heavenly. If these things were really "evil" why would they happen? Define evil? Can you? Is evil not a lower level of consciousness than your current perspective?

Many people will probably ask me how I would like it if I was tortured or murdered. After all, it's easy to say it's a joke but when somebody does it to you the table turns. This may be true, however I am prepared for this type of event to happen in my life in which case I will put my mind over matter. Many great people through history are tortured and put to the test. I'll turn to the much hated Bible on this one: "And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body" - Mathew 10:28

PS: It's official, Quinton has officially lost his mind. You may now stop reading my blog as I am just too out there now.

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IS steve pavlina writing for slayerment now? ;)

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