I can't get over how insanely good some songs are. I'm talking about the kind of songs that are filled with structure, emotion, genius and life. They are the kind of songs that tell a powerful story as you listen to each note mark its presence. The kind of songs that develop color with each new instrument making its way onto canvas. The kind of songs where everything works together in perfect harmony creating a masterpiece that changes you time and time again. I think few artists ever reach such a level of musical perfection and I would like to share with you some that I think have.

Here are a few musical geniuses

  • Elton John - Well known for many songs throughout the decades.
  • Alan Menken - Has scored many Disney films and musicals such as Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid and Aladdin.
  • Hans Zimmer - Pirates of the Carribean, Crimson Tide, King Arthur, plus many many more
  • James Horner - Titanic, need I say more
  • Nobuo Umatsu - Scored the Final Fantasy game series
  • Koji Kondo - Wrote most of the beautiful music from the Mario video game series
  • John Williams - Steven Spielberg's musical alter ego. Has scored pretty much every successful film directed by Spielberg (which is many (Jaws, Indiana Jones, ET, Star Wars, Hook, etc))
  • James Newton Howard - Not as well known as some of the others but a genius none the less!
  • Danny Elfman - Genius
  • Philip Glass - Genius
  • Rihanna - Just kidding! ;)

If anybody else has any others to add please do so.

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