When I am at the gym I am always thinking about stuff and the other day I had a thought that I found interesting.

Why doesn't fitness equipment give you something back for all the hard work you put in?

With exercise equipment you are always pushing, pulling, moving or doing some type of exercise that requires actual work on your part. The results from this is a healthier body which makes sense, however, consider the following:

Most people do not have physical jobs. They rely on the gym as a way to get their physical piece of exercise and maintain a healthy body.

But what about somebody like a carpenter? These type of people usually don't go to the gym because they work a physical job and get their exercise every day just by working. The difference between yourself and them is that they actually PRODUCE something while ALSO toning their body. They get the best of both worlds. They can actually walk away with a toned body AND a house, while us gym rats only walk away with a toned body.

Think about it a little more... You are actually doing the same type of stuff the carpenter is, but you're not getting anything in return. He's walking away with a completed home while you walk away with nothing!

My Invention

So I haven't actually invented anything, but if I did it would be some type of fitness machine that actually does something for all your hard work. Like say you do 15 reps on the bench press - wouldn't it be nice to also create energy that powers your car for 5 minutes? The more work you do, the more energy you receive! You'd be toning your body AND toning your checkbook. After a full workout you'd be driving free for a day! That's what I'm talking about.

Allow me to elaborate

There has seriously got to be a way to make a machine that actually does something in return for your action. You are giving the machine INPUT but not getting any actual OUTPUT. It just doesn't make sense to me. There has got to be some type of way to make something smart happen because of your actions. Just as a carpenter gets OUTPUT by lifting a piece of wood, you should get output by lifting iron - but you don't! If only there was a way to have some type of machine that builds something, or does something as a result of you using it.


Where's Thomas Edison when you need him? Somebody needs to wake this bastard up!

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: I like to get pumped

Great idea!!! The only thing that comes close to this are those bicycle machines that sometimes power things like TV's or lights. It would be great to extend that concept towards other things! Instead of talking about powerplants, we may be talking about gyms in the future.


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