First of all, I don't think the universe is limited to just 1 universe. I don't know how to define "universe" but I do most certainly think there can be infinite "universes". I think these universes are a cosmic form of consciousness that men call God. I think these are all acting on huge levels of consciousness that are broken down as you travel through each dimension or frequency within.

I think everything is pretty much an expression. I think we can "choose" what to do from our perspective, but from a higher perspective we aren't really choosing. We are simply acting on a result of chemical and physical actions which have all taken place and led up to our "decision" which is really just an expression realized at our level of understanding.

I think our "Gods" from the Bible and other such books are ETs that are most likely a higher level of consciousness than us both spiritually and in other ways. I think that they stepped in as "God" or "the Gods" to help us evolve and grow. I think we have been genetically manipulated either for reasons that we chose, or reasons that were forced on us, and we are struggling to balance these new changes out.

If there really is an "evil" figure or energy running our planet it most certainly has to be for a reason as it would not be here or allowed by higher energies if it were not so.

The idea of extra dimensions is not only probable, but most certainly the most appealing answer from a scientific, religious, logical and spiritual point of view. There are most likely infinite dimensions that all house "energy", whatever that may be, at its own conscious level.

I think it is almost a certainty that we will live on after we die. But I think what we first have to understand is what "we" really is. Will we care about who or what we are after this life? Will your "identity" matter as much as you think it will?

The reason why this world seems evil to some and good to others it the difference in their consciousness. People at a lower consciousness will see good easier while people at a higher consciousness (more energy, higher vibration) will see a more evil perspective. This is because they (the good) are closer to leaving this dimension to live in one more compatible for them. In this new dimension they will most likely be on the lower end of vibrations and be seen as the "evil" ones there.

I think evil is entirely relative. The difference in consciousness is what creates the evil. There is no such thing as evil in reality, simply the lack of "good" / "energy" / "God".

I don't think that something came from nothing. I don't think the idea of nothing exists. I think the idea of there being an "everything" that is broken down into expressions of energy is a much more fitting description of the universe. I don't think the universe came from nothing. I think the universe is an expression of everything, God. I don't think that the space in space is empty. I don't think it is out of place and void. I don't think it is simply "nothing". I don't thing nothing is a fitting concept for reality.

I think that the higher you go up in dimensions the less opposition you have. For instance, I can't think of an opposite for light. At a pure light dimension (outside of space and time) it would seem as though the idea of duality and cause and effect would take on a much different meaning or be weighted entirely differently.

I think crazy things can happen in this dimension. I think that all those strange things you hear about in stories are entirely possible. I think these types of things are being acted on by my higher entities than our "gods" from the Bible. I think these are more the cosmic / universal "energies" that are far too conscious to take on a form or identity of any type.

I am not sure if God is constantly growing, or contained. I think the most fitting answer would probably be both. How that's possible I don't know, but it seems as though nothing is ever incorrect and all things are possible.

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