Here's a free tip for all the SEO n00bs out there:

Keep worrying about everything you hear and read. No Follow makes a HUGE difference. If a link is no followed you should DO FOLLOW your time elsewhere. If you don't have PageRank you will NEVER rank for anything worthwhile. Article submissions are great at getting high quality links while also building other peoples assets. They're even better if they're not automated. And most important of all is getting into a niche with low competition because then since no one is competing for it it will be easy to rank for and the low amounts of traffic will come pouring in. In fact, since nobody has figured out your niche yet you will probably be converting at a very high rate because all the competitive niches convert very poorly, hence their competitive nature.

Hint: Don't believe everything people tell you and what you read on forums. 99% of people posting on forums are not killing it online and if you want to be killing it online why then are you still listening to them?

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