I've had this thought for a while now and each and every day I think it's more and more true. I already think that your life here on earth is some type of test or experience.

You look back at past generations and go, man they must have had it bad, how did they get through all the war and turmoil? You look back at past civilizations and watch them come and go. You see all the pain and suffering that has been a part of our earth for so long and you can barely make it out as real because we have had it good for so long here in the Western world.

Well, things are about to change and I really think that nobody gets a free pass. We have lived our entire lives with relatively no real "tests" or trials. Our whole existence has probably been more favorable than others before us. I think that time is just about up and we are about to face the greatest challenge we could ever imagine.

We read about millions dying in the history books, we hear about our forefathers fighting for freedom and have a hard time really imagining what it was like. Do people really have to fight for freedom? Does freedom really cost a price? I think the answer is yes.

I know most people aren't listening because they still have their TV. I know most people aren't listening because they are still in the comfort of their own home and have food on the table. I know most people still think nobody is planning world events behind the scenes because they are still entertaining themselves. But sooner or later what goes around comes around.

When the US Dollar collapses think to yourself that maybe, just maybe, something really is going on. When the Amero rolls out and the US, Canada and Mexico all share the same currency think to yourself that maybe this wasn't an accident. When more and more people are killed by acts of "terrorism" perhaps then you will wake up and realize America has been taken over by the real terrorists. And when you wake up one day with nothing perhaps then you will truly see that your slumber has cost you dearly.

Buckle up folks, we're about to hit some turbulence.

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