Here is a little tip for most designers and artists out there: people do not notice the details, at least most people that is.

When I first started out building websites my favorite part was the details. I used to love using Flash and animating certain parts of the site. I used to spend hours making sure that certain animations and music would create the right atmosphere. I used to spend hours tweaking graphics to make sure that everything was just right and appropriate. But then something changed.

The more I would show my sites to people and design sites for others I started to notice that nobody would notice the details. People would view my art, but hours and days of work would not be noticed. People would not grasp the true precision and strategy that carefully went into each aspect. True craftsmanship went unnoticed, and it happens in almost every industry.

I think there are 2 main reasons on why people don't notice details. For one, I think most people don't care about the things that you care about. The stuff that you are into you are going to take to the limit, and since they're not into it they don't want to take it to the limit. They just want to see what they want to see and move on. They don't care about the work that you put into something, they care about the work that they put into something.

And two, I don't think most people have the ability to fully grasp the details even if they wanted to. Details require a certain level of perception and discernment to notice, and I don't think most people are equipped with such a set of tools for the enjoyment of details. I think most people are far too in the moment to really step back and acknowledge all the underlying dynamics and work put into something. I don't think they are able to appreciate the individual pieces, but only the whole.

In movies countless days of work go into the audio production, the music, the video production, the colors, the framing, the timing and on and on. But people never notice this stuff. All they notice is the end effect of all these details at once. They never care or notice the details individually and on their own merit.

It's not that details should be avoided, but rather that they go unnoticed on the individual level. Most people won't be able to intellectually discern each part of something, but they will intuitively know on a subconscious level as to whether or not something works. That's why when you ask most people what's wrong with something they wont know. But when you fix it they will say, oh okay, yeah now it's right.

And that is what I have to say about details.

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Cybertramp: Coco Chanel

coco chanel said that if someone compliments you on your clothes, the clothes are wrong.

If the details are right, people will not notice them. They will just compliment you on a good design. If they notice the details then they are probably not right - they should be blending in to an overall look not jumping out saying "look at me".

Obviously this is harder in practice ...

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