I think there is a time and a place for most things. We live in a very dynamic world that presents people certain scenarios and trials that may be more favorable in one instance, and less favorable in another.

The Porn Industry

Take pornography for instance. I, myself, am not an advocate for pornography and find it to be something that doesn't help people grow or progress through life, at least in most cases. Look at most adult stars. Probably more than 80% of them didn't really want to be an adult star when they grew up. I don't think most people choose to become a porn star when they grow up. I mean, how many kids do you know that say they want to be porn star when they grow up? Zero. I could be wrong here, but I have yet to meet anyone that actually strives to become a porn star when they grow up, and if they do it probably happens as they get older and their life becomes less and less favorable in other areas. It seems as though in most cases due to their upbringing and the cards that life dealt them, this was something that happened almost somewhat unfortunately and accidentally.

Some people will say to me that this is all these people have going for them and that they can't do anything else with their life. They are not smart, articulate and lack the skills to do anything but porn. They say they are hot, have a great body and should utilize the gifts they were given. I would disagree with this assumption (and I will post why in a future blog post), but at the same time pornography does seem like a possible outlet that can help some people get back on their feet. I am guessing some people will disagree with me on this but hear me out...

A lot of the people in the adult industry really don't know any better. It's pretty sad actually. They may have come from a poor family with little or no education and they may have not been able to receive the direction and guidance from their parents than many people receive. They may have been sexually abused as a kid and just had a terrible upbringing. Does this make them a bad person? Absolutely not! It means that they had a completely different set of cards and really don't know any better than what they are doing. In this type of circumstance I would not see how you could hold the person accountable for becoming an adult star. They really don't know any better and are doing the best they can.

Once again, I would personally never be an advocate for anyone becoming a porn star if I could actually talk to them and understand their situation, as would most parents. I would find something else for them and help them the best I could. But these people don't have this type of parenting and this parenting void in their life creates an opening for anything they can get their hands on. Obviously people like me can't be everywhere trying to teach these people their options for life (and some people may think this is a good thing which is fine) so they are stuck with the next best thing - porn.

Compare this to children

I mean look at a child. Do you get mad when a child steals something from the store because they don't know any better? You probably do, but you also understand that they are just a kid. They are growing and don't know any better. They need continual guidance and parenting to help them become a better person that can overcome these desires. The exact same can be said about a confused, neglected person becoming an adult star.

And as for the porn stars that do come from good families and homes, well that's a completely different topic and doesn't fit into the scope of this post. I will give my opinion on this in a future post (I am against it, surprise, surprise).


I don't think you can entirely judge somebody on their past and current situation. I mean you can, but you should try best to understand everything that may have gone into the situation and understand that it is entirely possible for people to change, turn around, and move in new directions in life. Just because somebody starts out in life as a porn star does not make them any worse or better than the CEO of Apple. They are simply people and everyone should be loved despite their situation, mistakes and current scenario. Who's to say they won't one day become a very influential individual that helps people just like themselves find things other than porn. You really don't know and that's the beauty of life. It is entirely dynamic and doesn't judge according to my opinion or your opinion but according to truth.

I hope I explained myself fairly well. I am not saying by any means that porn is a good industry and something people should strive for. I am simply saying that if somebody doesn't know any better how can you really punish them? Do these people need to be punished or loved (the real kind of love)?

There are a number of other analogies that can be used to show that sometimes things make sense one way and sometimes they make sense the other way. Sometimes it can be hard to tell which is better and sometimes one won't be better than the other. There are so many variables and cases that go into life you really have to take it as it comes and do the best you can, each and every day.

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Ben: Jet Li

This reminds me a lot of a quote by Jet Li when he was discussing philosophy and zen:

"Air is air, but people make differentiations between "good air" and "bad air." Fresh air is "better" because it is constituted by a higher percentage of breathable air. Now, is smog really "worse," or does it just contain a lower percentage of clean air? Its essence--its "air-ness"--doesn't change; it's just a matter of degree. Another example: I'm a person, you're a person. Both of us make money. One of us makes more. But neither of us is any less of a person because of that difference. Or take happiness. Buying a small computer makes you happy, but maybe I need a powerful Pentium to call myself truly content. The quality of satisfaction is the same, but the means of getting there is quantitatively different. Maybe Bill Gates has a much higher set of demands in order for him to feel happy. The difference lies in degree."

I think you are moving closer and closer to a "Zen like" perspective slayerment, and I think you would grow immensely if you studied it more. Let me know, I have a great book to get you started if you want.


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