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I have recently launched the new site It's a site about Aliens, UFOs, Mysteries, Conspiracies and stuff like that. While browsing through the net researching this stuff for the past year or so I've noticed the lack of quality sites in these areas. Most the sites are a few pages and lack credibility - not to mention terrible organization. Hopefully this site can organize everything a lot better and you'll get the type of quality you'd expect to find on a movie or video game site. I also hope that it incorporates more social aspects rather than just a forum, which most sites in this niche are limited to.

The Lesson

And now for the lesson. If you visit the site within the next few days of this post (or possibly months) you will find that there is no logo, it's using the same design as, and there isn't much else to it. The reason for this is priorities. You don't always need to have everything completed 100% when launching a new site. It's a lot like fitness training. You can't get to the gym and work out for 24 hours straight and then never return - you gotta pace yourself. It's all about small steps (and in some cases large steps) each and every day. You are also better off focusing on the important stuff first (99% of the time content ;)) and then letting everything else take care of itself as the site evolves. The main thing is just getting something out there that offers something new or different and then letting it slowly build. GET IT DONE!

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