There really are no absolutes and completely correct truths in this world. Everything on this world depends on a number of things and rights sometimes may not be right all the time.

Think about somebody killing another person. Is this right? If one person killed another innocent person for no reason it probably is not. If this same person killed to protect their family from a serial killer it probably is.

Even when you take a scientific approach to this you will reach the same conclusion. Everything is relative. For instance, try to measure the width of your finger. Some people may say 1/2 an inch. Others may say a centimeter. I think they're both wrong because the measurement systems they are using are finite, and in all correctness there is really no way to know the absolute width of this.

First of all, how do you measure this? With what type of units can you express this? Inches? Centimeters? All of these systems are man made and only work for the purpose of interpreting these things relative to what we need to understand and our earthly nature, however, is this really the correct way to measure this?

You really can't measure it. What is a centimeter made up of? millimeters. And those? Nanometers. And those? Atoms. And those? Quarks. And those? Energy??? You see you really can't measure energy can you? How did we go from distance to energy? Simple, because there are no absolutes. It's all relative and its pretty amazing.

Here's some more food for thought: Think abut where you are sitting right now. Why is it that you are not falling into the earth right now due to gravity? It's because you are overcoming the pull of gravity via electromagnetism, compliments of our friends the atoms. It's fascinates me to think that right now you really aren't sitting on a solid. You just have atoms holding you up with science and physics. They are all working precisely and perfectly.

Everything on this earth is just atoms and forces balancing each other out. Everything that happens is simply a bending of the mesh, but it never actually creates any absolute.

That's all I have to share, thanks for reading!

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: Nothing In This World Is 100% Absolute

"Nothing In This World Is 100% Absolute"

Is that statement the exception to the rule?

Quinton Figueroa: Haha, it certainly can not

Haha, it certainly can not be! Great point :)

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